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Our Vision

Empower women to join together and help their communities and families through personal and private enterprise solutions for overcoming obstacles, solving problems, strengthening relationships, encouraging others and working to build a brighter future.

We accomplish those goals by hosting Monthly Community Events, Networking session and Mentoring Young Adults. 

Community Events

We partner with Community leaders, business leaders and volunteers to provide Free Community Workshops once a month. If you're interested on checking our content you can find them in our FREE Community Workshops tab. 

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Networking events

We provide a variety of Networking events with our members as well as members of the business community and leaders. These events range from cultural events, to meetings to retreats therefore we have a great programming diversity to provide something for everyone.  

Mentoring Young Adults

Fortis Femina mentors young adults to help them develop qualities such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and public speech. We also support them with their passion and teach them life skills. You can learn more about it under our FORTIS TEEN section.

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