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Know your Talents
Workshop with Mariela Gomez de El 

Discover your Confidence in Public Speaking, Broadcasting and Acting on Camera. 

The stage presence workshop has the goal that the student gains confidence with public speaking, engages the audience with a clear message and learns acting techniques that can support their public presentation. At the end of the sixth session, the student will be able to participate in a video recording for commercials or scenes to show the development of their skills. 

Each module will be explained, but the active participation of students is also sought. The workshop session will begin with the first hour dedicated to explaining the module lessons with a final 30 minutes to put into practice what has been learned. At the end of the workshop, we will have recorded radio commercials, tv commercials, dramatic scenes, or micro theater that may be aired on different social media platforms. 


Required from students  or participants


- Comfortable clothes 

- Punctuality 

- Desire to have fun and participate 

The workshop lasts an hour and a half per week for 6 weeks 


Participants will receive a diploma and a copy of their recorded work.





You will learn to conquer fear of public speaking. 



Stage Presence

You will understand and improve your stage presence, body language and give a clear message of what you want to put across to the audience.



Improv Exercises

Participants will carry out improvisation exercises that will develop public presentation skills.



Commercials and Theater 

The student will become familiar with basic acting techniques for commercials, theater plays, skits, etc.


Social Media Lives

The student will develop the basic techniques of broadcasting for television, radio, podcasts and social media lives (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok etc.)



Lastly, students will have all the necessary knowledge and techniques to confidently present their media persona on multiple platforms such as radio, podcast, and tv. 

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