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Alheli Aranda Brilliant, HR Professional and Entrepreneur

Fortis Femina has given me the chance to connect with amazing women leaders and give back to the community. The bonds we have created are strong and the work we're doing in the community is very impactful!


Christine Hotchkiss, Owner Stories of Hope 

As an entrepreneur and a Fortis Femina it is a great feeling to be a part of a community of ladies who genuinely want one another to succeed. Each lady has individual expertise and knowledge of skills that allow us to reach personal dreams and goals. One of the resources I recently was able to utilize is the one-on-one time in putting a business plan together so that I can see what my goals are and how I can obtain them along while continuing to grow personally and professionally.  Thank you, Fortis Femina


Madhu Chadha, WSI Digital Marketing Expert

I feel so proud to be part of a diverse group of Fortis Femina women. I feel inspired and motivated by the positive energy of this group of women. I enjoy the Friendships, supportive/positive environment, & inspiration as a business owner. I look forward to the excellent events organized by Fortis Femina!!

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